The Conscious Circles Project

Creating Meaningful & Sustainable Space to Support One Another on the Conscious Journey of Life

Conscious Circles is a donation based membership organization supporting the creation and facilitation of community through circles.  A Conscious Circle is a small group of individuals that gather regularly to hold space for one another.    To allow each heart to open,  soul to be revealed and most importantly that which is creating obstacles to our most full and joyful life be released and witnessed.   

In the end, to support each other along the path to being more connected and whole.

Why Join a Circle?

In modern society true, connected community is almost non-existent.  We have no intentionally consistent and continuous way to share our most vulnerable self, heart opening challenges, and need for deep support by a group without judgement.  A Circle facilitates a connection to others that is light, friendly and safe.  Helping each circle then be connected to a more global conscious community.

How does it work?

A Circle unites five-six people who usually meet once a month for approximately 90-120 minutes.  The role of each circle member is to think of two questions to ask the group. The intent is to open the floor to two (2) heart-centered questions: What's worth talking about as a Group and What Needs to Come Out of You, right now?   You’ll be amazed what happens with those two prompts and very light but thoughtful facilitation.

There are guidelines around empathetic listening,  no advising or solving and other wonderful ways to let each of our inner-teacher come out.   These rules evolve over time as the group finds its rhythm . 

What does it Cost?

There is no cost outside of your time. However, there is a donation request to help support the circle you are in and the greater conscious community of circles for our larger gatherings. With your help we hope to share the power of circles with others.

Options to Participate

Join a Circle

We recommend you visit a circle to experience what it feels like to be in a circle.  Many circles begin with a casual dinner format, created to facilitate open communication.  In a relaxed environment conversations will flow naturally as questions develop into discussions. Commitment to be part of a longer term circle gathering will come after you meet the people and understand what it feels like to be part of a conscious community.  

Create a Circle

If you really like the idea and feel inspired, creating a circle is a great way to both be in a circle and help others.  To create a circle, you only need to set the intention and then gather the small group for an initial dinner. We can help you with questions and finding a facilitator if needed.  

Facilitate a Circle

Many of us are called to hold space for others, whether it just be innate or an acquired skill through mindfulness training, coaching etc. If you wish to create and facilitate a circle, we can help you create a circle for your network and provide the light training and guidelines to support your important role in the circle.   If you would like to facilitate a circle, but don’t have a group in mind, we can help you find a circle needing a facilitator. 

Types of Circles

Circles are intended to create safe and open space for a small group of loosely affiliated individuals to share and be heard.  Most circles form for the most basic reason of feeling supported with no other outcome or intention.  And these are very powerful yet simple formats for the support and transformation we all seek. From these circles, others form with intentions to be held accountable to certain life or career aspirations, as well as, some to focus on specific areas in which to dive deeper.  Here are a few examples of such:

@ Work the Place

Mens Work

Young Adults & Teens

Local Community

Parent & Care Taker

Spiritual Exploration

How does it work?

Step 1

Someone(s) set an intention to create and be in Conscious Circle.

Step 2

The universe conspires and starts to show you who might be a good fit for the circle.

Step 3
Break Bread

Put out an invitation (we have templates) to host a Conscious Dinner to discuss the idea. View Conscious Dinners Page for a bit more context.

Step 4
Commit to First One

After dinner, put out the email or text message asking who would like to attend a first initial circle.  Depending on how many come to dinner, you may form more than 1 circle. Ideal number is 5 people per circle but can be 4 – 6.

Step 5
Host the Circle

You will need to make sure you have a good space to host (someone’s house is usual spot and can rotate).  A facilitator is also needed, preferably someone who has experience holding space,  has a strong self-awareness (less ego the better), and possibly a long-standing mindful practice.  This can be just whom feels most called to it or you can seek and be matched to a local coach who has experience. 


Step 6
Commitment to 3

After your first circle,  another email/text goes out asking for a commitment to the next 3 so folks can get into the depth of shared space with same people.    You’ll need to decide on frequency.  Most common is once a month. Many do weekly, but most powerful is every 3 weeks.

Step 7
Refine & Final Commitment

As you go, you find some parameters, rules, or even intentions that your particular group would like to have to help create a more constructive space for the need of such group.  So, let it go and grow into whatever is needed.  But remember, it is not the facilitator’s role to decide or drive that evolution, rather a consensus and shared energy in the group.   Lastly, at your third gathering, you’ll need to ask for a longer commitment, usually for the remainder of the year.


And so, you now have a circle that feels strong, sustainable and really meeting your needs.   You can have others join the group,  especially when some can’t meet the commitment. If someone can’t make it more than once, usually you ask that person to recommit later, At that point you can either keep a smaller group or be open to finding a new  member. 

It is critical that you not bring family members, significant others, or co-workers with day to day interactions into the space together.  It will impede the depth of sharing that must happen for circles to really support our hearts.   Diversity is recommended (age, sex,  ethnicity) but many times it’s not an option. So if it’s all same sex, age, and ethnicity, do not let it stop the circling.  Just be mindful of group think.   Push topics you cover to be broader and deeper than those you can find, say at a friendly gathering over tea, and work hard to challenge known conventions.

Please follow the link below to participate in a questionnaire that will  tell us more about yourself so we may match you to a future Circle and better inform you on how best to use circles.