Conscious Community Dinners

Conscious Community Dinners are designed to create intimate connection over a delicious meal.  The goal: to create more connected community and offer a taste of what it might be like to be in a Conscious Circle.   

Why Dinner
We eat, converse and connect in an intimate and intentional way to set up the possibility of deeper connections.  It is a wonderful a night of warmth, energy and real meaningful conversation.  These dinners happen around the world and this page is to help others create their own version locally.   You’ll find no better way to interact with the more conscious, mindful community than this wonderful yet casual gathering. A few common reasons folks attend Conscious Community Dinners:

  • Wanting to have more connection beyond casual friends and acquaintances
  • On a path to seek more from life and wish to find others of likeness
  • Believe community is an important ingredient to healthy fulfilled life
  • Looking to be more fully heard and seen in the world
  • Just love the idea of connecting over a meal with intention
  • Great Food with wonderful people many times in Nature


How it Goes Down
We gather at an outdoor location, restaurant or someone’s home and food is provided by the host where attendees provide donation back to compensate for food (or pay themselves if at restaurant).  After a little meet and greet at the table, we introduce the idea of conscious circles and “why” the dinner was created.  Then we go around the table and ask each person to share something intimate about their life journey.  One such example would be “Where do you feel stuck in your life”. Here we are trying to take a small taste of what it’s like to bear our soul to somewhat strangers and realize that its needed,  cathartic and simply OK.

When our dinners are done, we gather everyone’s contact information (sheet of paper is fine) and then invite them to join an initial Conscious circle. More info on creating or participating in circles at

In short, it’s a beautiful way to gather friends and folks you “feel” like you should be more connected to. All with some intention towards connecting more.  Additionally, you will be connected to a global community of folks doing the same.    All vibrating at the same level. 

For more information on joining or creating a Conscious Community Dinner fill out short form below.